2007 DRZ400SM 3x3 jetting won't start

I've been a lurker for a long time but this is my first time posting as I cannot find and answer to my problem.

I have a 2007 drz400sm with a stock exhaust and yesterday I attempted to do the 3x3 mod and rejet the carb. I used the JD kit as I had heard it was the most complete. The I installed it as per the instructions on the first page of the master 3x3 thread:

- 150 main jet

- 25 pilot jet

- 2nd clip on (blue) needle from top

- 2.5 turns out on fuel screw

After I was finished and got the bike back together I can't start it without pulling the choke all of the way out and once I push it back in the bike dies. Could I have made an error while installing something in the carb? Does the description of my problem help narrow anything down? I'm in Kelowna, BC which is 344m in elevation and the temperature has been around 60-65 degrees f.

vacuum line connected to the petcock?

I was all ready with some smart ass comment but then I went out to the garage and checked my petcock, I had never noticed the other vacuum hose nipple on it and had always assumed that that vacuum line was meant to be disconnected.

As far as I know this line has been disconnected for more than a year and the bike has been running fine. Is this possible? Do the larger jets require more fuel than the tank can supply without this vacuum pressure whereas the stock jets where fine without it?

I have the bike apart as I am waiting on a part at the moment, I hope to have it back together tomorrow night and I will check to see if this solves my problem. Thanks for your quick reply.

Dynojet suggests backing out the fuel screw 3.5 times on their instructions for the DRZ stage 2 kit. IS there enough screw left in the carb to keep it from falling out?

As far as I know this line has been disconnected for more than a year and the bike has been running fine. Is this possible?

no,it just came off when you pulled the tank.

its not a matter of jets. it a matter of how the petcock operates.

connect the line. turn the petcock to pri for 30 seconds to fill bowl,then to on or reserve. now start the bike.

How many turns can you back out a stock fuel screw without it falling out?

3.5 turns

I wonder why they suggest backing it out that far in their instructions?

Got the extended screw and backed it out 3.5 turns. Runs a lot better now. Still a little hesitation in 5th around 60mph cruising but not near as bad as before. Probably could use the larger jet still, but ill play with that once it gets cold again.

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