Shaving the head on a KX 250F '04

I was reading a thread from a long time ago and lost it somehow. Is there anyone on here with actual experience on this? We've been shaving .050 on trx450's with no issues and now plan to shave .020 on a KX250F.

Please, no guesses. I'd like to hear from those who have done it or had it done.


I will say one thing.. Exspect heating issues with an 04 by decking the head. 04's have issues with isufficient cooling..

We're not having heating issues at present. The pump has been changed out. I know there were some issues for certain years in the beginning but from what I remember once the pump was changed out the issues went away.

Did you shave a head and have heating issues?

Thanks for the reply.

No, I haven't done any decking. I know you only want first hand experiance. How ever I know that decking a head will increase engine temps thus with the 04s having temp issues I figured I would let you know..

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