Importing a bike from the usa to canada

hey guys just wondering on a few things, on the subject of importing a bike from the states to canada. what paperwork is needed? the guy i will buy the bike off of has the original bill of sale and the MSO for the bike. im not sure if the MSO is considered an ownership or not? he says that is all the have in NY state for ownership of a bike

Call usa border you will be bringing the bike across at. You need to give them the VIN number 72 hours in advance. Then when you get the bike, you need to stop at USA customs and get them to put on file that the bike is being legally exported out of the USA. Then go across to Canada, claim it, pay the tax's.

The canadian border will try to get you to pay a RIV fee which is about $200 for street legal vehicles only. You NEED PROOF that the bike is offroad only, no way to make it street legal. That's your only way of getting out of paying the RIV. Just saying "look at it, it's a mx bike" is not enough. They need a "offroad only" sticker on the bike, or some sort of paperwork saying it's a offroad only bike.

I had to do none of the things mentioned above when I brought my bike up from washington. I simply provided a hand written bill of sale, went in the customs building and paid 112 in tax and was on my way. Maybe I got lucky?

You illegally exported a bike out of the usa that's all, nothing big.

you will need a bill of sale and either the mso or title. Need to provide documentation to UsA customs 72 hours in advance. Make sure that the border crossing you wish to cross at offers these services because not all do. If you do this US customs is easy. Canada customs will be slower as they dont know what they are doing. I purchased a 1978 Rm125 from Florida and brought it back. Do your research and bring it with you. It comes in handy when they dont kmow the right procedure and try to charge you for the wrong service.

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