My son on his 03 XR50

That's awesome he looks good on it. He will be needing a new bike in now time. I love it in the video where you say gas gas. You have officially become a moto dad. Wait till he starts racing and you are giving him the air throttle. It's so cool to watch them progress on their ridIng. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

Hahaha we started there many years ago. Your boy was actually riding the "big" track :smirk:

My daughter used to spend hours riding around them tracks. We drove by there the other day after riding the Prairie City Track (Known as Hangtown) Just had to stop to look at all the little ones out there. Can't believe how far she has come. Enjoy my brotha it goes by fast.

That time goes by really fast. I swear it was just a few months ago we were stuffing a 2003? XR50 in the back of our Saturn Sedan.

Actually, it looks like he's pretty much ready for the next bike right now.

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