I am changing gearing for an offroad race this coming weekend. The front sprocket from the shop, has a raised shoulder on it. the sprocket i took off is flat on both sides. Have i obtained an incorrect part? I am switching from 15/41 gears to 14/47 final drive. Im not sure if i can get the correct part in time if needed. If so how will 15/47 work out? I hate to reuse the front sprocket as it shows signs of wear and i have a new o ring chain. :smirk: Thanks in advance Mitch

it should have a raised shoulder that faces the ingine. if the one you took off was flat on both sides,,then that one was wrong i believe.

Look for a separate washer behind the old countershaft sprocket. Some of the cheepo sprockets were flat and came with a washer to space it out. The new sprocket with the raised face should contact the seal collar directly. Raised face, faces in.

:thumbsupThanks for the input. The flat sprocket had a thick washer behind it. I will procede with the install. Mitch

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