Possible problem.

I changed the oil and oil filter in my 07 yz450f yesterday. I didn't run it, so today i went out to check the oil level. I kicked it over about 10-15 times to get oil moving before i started, then let it run for about 2-3 minutes. When i checked it after about a minute after i shut it off, oil was coming out of the check hole when i pulled out the dipstick. It was somewhat foamy, bubbly looking. I have Yamalube 10w-50 semi-syn in it right now. It's not milky or anything, but I haven't had this happen before. I only ran it for a couple seconds after this, because i don't know what's going on. Please help!:smirk:

Did you drain the oil from both drain points?

Did you change the filter or not?

How much oil did you add when you refilled?

Yes, i drained the crankcase and the oil tank. I put a new oil filter in it as well. I used exactly one LITER of oil when i did it...i'm just not sure what's going on. I might just change it again to see what happens.

I have an 08 YZ450F. Mine did the same thing after an oil change and I thought I had a problem. Greyracer knows best but I think it is just a a heat thing. I let mine cool down and it didn't do it. The oil looked fine. That was 5 oil changes ago at least and I have had no problems what so ever. Had the bike gone over by a mechanic two weeks ago and there was no problems during there check either.

The first thing i thought was a head gasket and i was getting coolant in the motor, but my coolant level is fine and there is nothing in the coolant.

I would simply run it for a few minutes and let it sit 5, then check it. Maybe consider a different oil. Air bubbles aren't unusual if it's opened too soon after it's shut off. The return pump has two or three times the volume of the feed pump so that it can always pump oil out of the sump faster than it gets there. As a result, that line is normally full of bubbles, and it end right where the dip stick drops through the case.

if you reved that bike at all it will do that, just let it sit a bit longer before you check it...

make sure you put the right amount in (you did that) and relax... mine does the same thing especially if I blip the throttle a few times..

That makes sense. I blipped the throttle about 3 times...Thanks guys, I was a little worried!! :smirk:

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