Name that bike....

So I am looking for a smaller/lighter dualsport or plated dirtbike to spend some more time off-road.

-I currently have a farkled KLR650 which is great, but its just too heavy to let me build up my skills off-road as I am paranoid about it squashing me when I drop it (has happened a couple of times already). It will go just about anywhere, but it ain't pretty and its a lot of weight slamming down on the ground hard when you drop it.

-I had a KTM 250 EXC 2-smoke that I had to sell before I got to ride it much; it was an awesome bike, but it was too aggressive for my dirt skill-level anyways (only have had the KLR off-road a handful of times and I was pretty darn slow and have a lot to learn).

-I have a TW200 that is my fiance's bike, and its a lot of fun, but really too small for me at 6'3" and doesn't like going much above 45 mph with me aboard.

-With riding gear +extras I weigh about 225, and plan on riding some very sandy areas in NJ as well as some rockier/hilly stuff in PA and wherever else.

-I have the KLR for street/adventure, so road ability would be nice but definitely a distant second priority since I will probably truck this one most of the time.

-The bike needs to be street-legal, or easily made street-legal since most places in PA and NJ where I ride require it.

-Oh, and ideally I won't have to spend a fortune.

-the less maintenance the better, but as long as its easy to work on, I don't mind too much

Fire away with suggestions...I have a few ideas but am curious to hear what you all come up with. Thanks

DRZ i think is probably an obvious choice

some others...KTM 450EXC, WR450F (need to plate),

you may want to throw out a $ figure for us, a lot of people are going to suggest KTM/Husky/Husaberg big bore DS bikes, like the 510, 525, 530

a kawi KLX 300 or 400 should be easy to plate as well and easy to ride off road

probably $4500-5000 range max, would prefer $3k to $4k since there are always extras to be added.

To sum up what I have experience with:

KLR650 to heavy

TW200 to small

KTM 250 2smoke - probably too fast to build my skills up safely, but had to sell it before I really knew

Maybe a yamaha wr250r or xt250..

I went from a tw200 to a crf250x, which is pretty much the same thing as the wr250r, except not street legal, and I was quite happy with the desicion.

I hear DRZ's are pretty reliable, but I don't know how much of a riding difference it would be from your 650.

My votes for the wr250r. Good power, will feel like a feather compared to the 650, and it's already street legal.

Good Luck on your search:thumbsup:

I was looking for a similar type bike as you a few months ago and ultimately decided on a Husqvarna TE310. Its basically a dirt bike with a plate which can do short stints on the street. It does get a bit buzzy at highway speeds but I rarely ride it that fast. The wr250r is a bit more street worthy, has decent power but is a bit porky at 300lbs. Will still feel much lighter than your klr though. Another option would be to find someone selling a bike who has an already gone through the DMV hassle of plating a off road bike.

I'm biased but if you could find a clean Husky te250 or te310 you won't be disappointed.

I ride a DRZ off road here in NJ and it does fine. Sometimes I struggle with it's weight but that's because I'm 5'9" and am on the tips of my toes when the trail gets technical. At 6'3" you'll have no problem managing the weight and height of the bike. That being said at 225lbs I would want a bigger displacement engine riding me around. DRZ is the middle man between the KLR and smaller 250 Dualsports.

Thanks all. That's pretty much what I figured. The only problem with the wr is that it sounds like I would never need to buy another bike. What's the fun in that?!

A DRZ is probably the cheapest way to go.

A husky te 250/310 would be great too except for the price.

go with the WR450 or Husqvarna 450 or 510

Even a Good earlier version of a 2 smoke, is great for the ability rider, also i had a 450 4T, an from there was wayy over powered , so In place I would like a re/pair earlier year Husky or GaSGas, but being able to ride is important , so I would steer clear of the big bore's.

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