Anyone running a WR 5th gear?

Curious to know if anyone is running a WR 5th gear only, and if it is even possible?

I really enjoy the MX gearing for the woods as it seems that I'm usually caught in the tight stuff, but there's the occasional fire road or straight that warrants a faster than stock 5th gear for me. Curious to know if this could be done, particularly with a 2010/11 bike.

Thanks for any and all feedback!

As far as I know, you can do it, but, the results would be...weird. I've played with the ratios on paper and there is no combination of the two gearboxes mixed together that does not create an odd sort of gap somewhere. The best "mixed box" I think was a YZ with the WR 4th and 5th.

I was expecting there to be a big gap, as the ratios are so different between both transmissions.

Not a big deal IMO, not for my needs. Point is that I want to cruise the fire roads at around 110kph, but instead of at redline with the MX gear, it would hopefully be at like 6000-7000rpm??

About 7500 with a 13/49 chain set. Interestingly, using the WR 4th gear would give you a first four almost exactly like the '03 4 speed, plus the 5th.

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