Got my boy a 2005 TT-R125E

Or maybe it's a TT-R125ET, or maybe something else. I got a shop manual with it, that describes where on the frame to find the model number label, but it was located such that the side plastic wore the letters off. :smirk:

Anyway it's the small wheel version with electric start, I know that much.

When looking at it the overflow in the carb started dripping, and turning the tank petcock off didn't stop it, which was strange. Taking the tank off, the petcock appeared to work properly.

Obviously it had been sitting for a while, the carb was gunked up. The little spring plunger in the float valve was frozen so I worked that loose again, and did a cleanup. I managed to lose the spring for the idle mix screw :smirk: and the rubber orings were looking a bit iffy anyway so I ordered a carb rebuild kit, a 29-2453 from this page:

Hope it has a mixture screw spring, not entirely clear from the description.

Kinda surprised there is no oil filter in this bike, reminds me of my old Brit bike days. I assume people just change oil frequently. I do like the simplicity of this bike. Hope to teach my boy to wrench on it, the same way I learned to fix things.

Got it for $900, and it has seen very little use. The gas dripping out of it helped with the price. :prof:

Yeah, the dripping gas or the won't start but used to run stuff always helps get the price down. That sounds like a good deal on the TTR. I just got my first TTR last week reasonably priced because it did not currently run. Now it does and it passed its first trail test with flying colors yesterday.

It sounds like an excellent father/son bonding hobby for the two of you for sure. Motorcycling has helped keep my connection with my son strong and we look forward to many years on the trails.

Sometimes you can catch a light angle on the frame for worn VIN's. Once I put grease on a VIN and gently rubbed it so that a slight amount filled the faint numbers and brought it out enough to identify. I am sure there are better ways but that is what I did. Oh, also my son can spot these numbers better than my tired older eyes, so maybe let your son have a crack at it.

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