Warp 9 Rim Strap Question

Well I will be ordering a set of Warp 9 supermoto conversion wheels and was wondering if anyone had an opinion on a particular rim strap I wanted to try. They are made by Neutech. Its a rim strap that allows you to no longer need an inner tube. Here's their website


I've had mixed answers from friends and I'm sure that I would get the same here but thought I'd ask. Thanks.

I'd give it a six out of ten, great idea but hard to mount and dis-mount tires. You also have to have a compressor that will fill the inner tube system to 100PSI. It's great if you get a flat of course. Hard system to put on, and a real PITA to change tires when you need to (think rim locks times infinity).

Yeah that sounds a bit annoying. (Rim locks times infinity) Guess I'll stick with dealing with tubes.

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