02 YZ426 clutch issue.

I've had an '02 YZ426 for the last 5 years, and just started having issues with the clutch when releasing. The clutch pull was getting much harder, and instead of being able to "feather" the clutch out, it would just grab. My immediate thought was notched clutch basket. I ordered a Hinson basket and installed it as per instructions. Suddenly I have a problem with the plates rubbing the inside of the clutch cover. I pulled the basket back out and the compared it to the basket pulled out. The depth between the "fingers" of the basket were nowhere near as deep as the assumed stocker. 1 3/8" deep on the hinson, over 1 1/2" on the stocker. Is it possible that some prior owner has put a 2000 clutch basket in this bike. I already called Hinson and confirmed the basket serial # was for an 02, and not suprisingly (I didn't expect him to know) he wasn't sure of the differences between an 00 and an 02 basket. Somebody please help, I appreciate any and all information and input.

Ok, now after doing some research, looking at the microfische, the basket I took out of the bike looks more like a YZ250F basket, than a YZ426F's. Is that possible?

The depth of the basket cutouts should not bear on your problem. The clutch stacks up on the boss (hub), not the basket. Is there a 3 character code on the basket original basket, such as "5JG", "5BE", etc?

Thanks for your reply Gray. Normally I would agree with you, however this situation is different. The shallowness of these cutouts, doesn't allow the innermost friction plate to even reach the inner hub. So, the plates sit out further hence the scraping on the clutch cover. The stock clutch basket, inner hub, and pressure plate have the 5JG10 markings on them, so I know they're original yamaha 01-02 yz426 parts, not the 250F that I was thinking. I guess I'll just have to order a completely different basket if I wanna ride anytime soon.

The odd part is that Hinson doesn't make a basket for the '00 model, so if it fits the drive gear assembly, it was at least supposed to have been a '01-'02 426 part....unless it was mis-labeled when it was built.

Let us know what you find out.

yeah when I called Hinson to double check the serial # I went by the # etched into the basket, not the label on the box, and sure enough they confirmed it was supposed to be for the 01-02 YZ426. But he was no help when explaining the problem I was having, and with the part being discontinued, and none in stock, he could do nothing for me. Now I'm stuck with a brand new Hinson basket (minus the bolts that are now f'ed up) that won't work, and my stock basket is now useless. I have to buy ANOTHER basket. Not a great experience for my first time dealing with Hinson.

Yes it bolted right up to the drive gear, so I really scratched my head til I figured out what the whole issue was.

SO, any ideas where I can get a REALLY good price on a clutch basket? lmao

So, the resolve is, I ordered an MSR basket (which is engraved with Barnett, with machining done by Wiseco) compared it to both the stock and the POS Hinson, and it's gonna work. The cutouts are deep enough to allow plates to reach the inner hub, and it looks just like the stocker, only much cooler. Anodized blue and stainless inserts to "eliminate notching" and inserts for the drive gear springs. Now what the hell do I do with this paper weight Hinson?

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