move my needle

would some one plz tell me steps to move my clip on the needl, do i need to remove the carb to do this? any tips would be apricated.

It is easy, you do not have to remove anything.

1. Loosen the band that holds the boot onto the rear of the carb.

2. Pry the rubber boot off the carb, turn down and wedge between the frame.

3. Loosen the band that holds the front part of the carb to the engine.

4. loosen ziptied electrical connection from frame. Undo the electrical connection.

5. rotate carb to the right side of the bike. Now you can see the top of the carb.

6. Loosen the hex bolts at the top of the carb. Take off the cover.

7. Loosen the big hex bolt at the bottom of the cavity. It is really tight. Be careful pulling it out. It has a spring and washer with it.

8. Use needle nose pliers to lift out the needle. Clip is at the top of the needle. Moving the clip down makes it richer, moving the clip up makes it leaner.

9. It can be done in under 5 min.

Good luck, do not forget to turn off the gas. :)


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