YZ250 "headlight"

I just bought a YZ250 and am looking for guidence on putting a headlight on it. I only want a front light becuase it will just be used for late night trail rides and fire roads, no blacktop roads. So far I have only found the electorsport stator 35W. Is that enought juice to power a single light? I have also seen some who use helmet lights(trailtech). If I go with the bike light set up, how is the acerbis light? Any help would be appreciated. :smirk:


No, that stator puts out 35 watts AC at mid throttle and above. Not enough to depend on.

YZ is a MX bike, not a trail/woods machine. You should of bought a WR

You are best off going to a total loss battey rig.

I take with me a headlamp, name of the name is fenix.

Electrosport is junk - good luck making it work. If you can find one buy E-line stator. Pricey however.

While I do like the WR250F, the YZ250 is a great off-road bike and yours looks great!

There isn't going to be ONE SINGLE headlight out there that will work... nope, not one! So if you want, I'll take your bike off your hands for you so you can buy a WR... I'm generous like that. :smirk:

i like your way of thinking, lol, AliGee

There are some really good helmet mount rechargeable LED lights out there now, for a lot cheaper than a complete stator\flywheel change over and a headlight..

But the downfall is 'planning' on a ride in the dark ,most of mine were 'un-planed'.

Look up: "Mt.Bike headlights"

Thanks to the 3 guys who actually had some good input. The helmet light is the way Im gonna go. :smirk:

Do you make one for a YZ250 2T?

No, sorry.

i wasnt real happy with my helmet light set up. i bought it at a mountain bike store for 100 bones. it was bright, lit up about 100 feet by 30 feet in a field. but the led white light did not let me see shadows and dips in the trail very well. i also confused puddles with holes due to the light. IMO if your gonna spend 3 to 500 on hlemet lights that REALLYwork, add a few more hundred and get the stator. the small 55 watt light on my old quad was much better then my helmet lgiht FWIW.... maybe i got ripped off on my light though :smirk:

I have the Trail Tech SCMR16 HID helmet light. It is very bright and works great, as it should considering how much it costs... ha! I've ridden with just the helmet light, and also used it with a headlight. Under normal trail riding conditions, I think the helmet light works just fine by itself. You have fewer shadows behind every bump, whoop and rock using it, compared to a headlight. However, in rough conditions, using only the helmet light makes everything look much smoother. Using both lights gives you a little better depth perception and allows you to see all the rough stuff better.

I have a Baja Designs Tecate light off my old KTM that I had rewired to run on batteries I have hid in my airbox. Works well but is pretty expensive for the light. For a headlight I have always ran a Nite Rider Headhunter light, but my wife bought some bicycle lights last year called Magic Shine, they put out alot of light for a pretty cheap price. From what I have seen Cyclops highend stuff is good, but the lower end lights are very weak. Just my 2 cents

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