Next Bike 2-stroke

I currently own a 2005 klx 110 and i was thinking of a 125cc 2-stroke as my next bike. I am 13 years old and only 5'1. What bike do you recommend as a good 2-stoke and how long should i wait until i buy one? Any help is great Thanks.

5'1 is a little small for a 125 right now. Depending on ur budget or how soon you would want another bike, I would get a 80/5 now and in 2-3 years or when your 5'6+ get a 125.

For 80's I would recommend a YZ. For 125's a 02+ YZ or RM. IMO

^ agreed. Either stick with your bike for another year or get an 85...unless you are a really strong powerhouse of a 13 year old. The 125's have a 38"+ seat height and pack some serious power compared to what you have now. As a dad, I would be really worried about you on the 125.

im 14 years old, 5'5ft and have a YZ85. there really good bikes Ive never had a problem with mine there also preety powerful. but im getting a 125 or 250 2t wen im 15 which is soon.

and a 85 is a good size for you, the 125 will be bit too big for you. you should just get an 85 now and when your about 15 get a full size bike.

i agree with all the above, and i also am 14 on mini, but mines a kx100 and thats a great bike and im pretty sure it isnt any bigger than an 85, the wheels are,but anyway a 125 will be too big right now...I'm 5'6 and i can barely get my leg over a full size.

I am just bored with my klx 110 and i drive it pretty hard but haven't had problems with it. I don't have the money to spend on upgrades but i have done 0$ upgrades. I am just looking for something more fun and challenging to drive like what you get with a two stroke. But i think I'll hang on to my klx 110 for quite awhile. Thank you for suggestions and opinions.

first off youd kill your self on a race bike125 coming off a klx110

second your WAAAYYY to short.

third. Get an 85cc :smirk:

Go with an 85. In my opinion having a bike that fits you good is VERY important.

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