FUNKY plug ??

ANY body tried one these ODD things in a trials machine ?? I picked one up , have not installed or run it yet . ANY thing to it ? .. or just another sales pitch ?? Chad:cheers:

I dont know of anyone who tried one. I use and like the Iridium plugs in GG's. If you havent tried the Iridium plug, you might want to compare and contrast them against one another. Let us know. :smirk:

I'm pretty sure a few of my old supermoto buddies tried these. The jury was out though, some said yay, some said nay....

Personally, I wouldn't bother trying to find out. I'm not even on an iridium plug yet (will get one next time) and I have zero problems in that department.

Now, actually riding the bike? That's a whole other story :smirk:

If it will help my shoulder heal quicker, I'll go out and buy one right now!! :smirk: Oh, you mean "for the bike" ??


Reminds me of the old Splitfire plugs (only had a split electrode, and I guess they are still around but you never hear anything about them anymore). If one electrode is good, more must be better.:smirk:

I will give it a shot and post my "findings" ... I had always used NGK , but I stopped at the auto parts store to get one and they were out, and said this was in stock ?? So I figured what the hell.. I watched some videos from the hot rod guys on speed , and they used them in a car (dyno'd ) with these VS standard plugs and the E3 plugs made 5 more HP, and gave them 3 more MPG while making more power ??? Im curious to see what and if its even noticeable... ?? Chad :smirk:

PS : Who's going to be @ TTC nationals ? We can discuss this topic over a beer !!! See you there.

If anyone loves, FUNKY, Chad does. Not that there's anything wrong with that. LOL I would call Charlie R before I but that thing in MY BEAUTIFUL BIKE! I have been stock pilling free plugs from the STRA Banquit for the last 3 years, you know, the ones no one can sale and don't work well in my 05 280 Pro. Charles can tell you what to use. I would seek out the Grand Master of Trials set up's Knowledge before I did anything. Or then again; WHAT THE HELL, GO FOR IT!!! Just let us know what happens. See you next weekend, that is, if your 300 is still running:thumbsup:. Hope you can make it, maybe my pool water will be warmer then!!!


UMMMM OK DD ?? I wont be there next weekend , (my 300 is "running") fine , BUT without a REAR SHOCK (BLOWN=rebuild ) I will have to miss this round,, but will be at the NAT'S in JUNE !!! Chad:cheers:

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