2011 RMZ 450 worth the price?

I have been looking for a RMZ 450 for a while now and finally got one that I could buy for 8500 OTD, but I can get a KX450f for 7100 or a CRF450 for 7500 OTD. I ride all types of riding but mostly track, I race at tracks that are a tighter style motocross track, not a lot of straights and a lot of jumps with about a 1.5 min lap type track if that helps, I race open desert races every now and than. I ride dunes a lot too. I will be coming of a 2007 crf 450, which I loved the way it rode and handled. Handling is key for me because I feel that it is easier to adjust the way a motor acts than to adjust handling

So with all this info what would you guys and gals do???:smirk:

Not worth that price!! You be an idiot to pay that much. Just hold out and search for the better price one cause they are out there!

IMO always buy a new year old bike. IE wait a couple of months until the 2012's start coming out then snag a 2011.

IMO If you wait until November I think you will be able to find tons of 2011's for -$6500 otd

2011 yz450f $6900(which if your not an moron can get for $7k OTD):


2011 KX450f $6500


Not worth that price!! You be an idiot to pay that much. Just hold out and search for the better price one cause they are out there!

haha well the problem is there isn't!!!!!!!!!!! I live 45 min east of San Diego and as most people know southern california is MX capital of the world and there is nothing, I was told by a local deal that they could get one for 10500 because it would be coming from the east coast :smirk: I have called shops from Phoenix to L.A to Vegas and that is the best deal on the RMZ... but the kawi I could probably get OTD for under 7000 so I am still stuck.....

Theres dealers selling kawi 450's 2011's right now for like 5999. You could have the thing shipped to you and you'd probably still be under 7100. Look on ebay at chaplin motorsports. I just paid 5700 OTD for a 2011 kx250f locally.

Have you gone to Mission motorsport in irvine? They have tons of 2011's.

If your paying cash...walk in give a OTD offer on a bike, leave your phone number and walk straight out if they say no. They will call you in a week with a offer or take yours!

I know that the kawi keeps winning all of the shootout and what not but I really want to know if the weight is a huge factor. I know that is a killer deal on a kawi but is the pig worth it hahaha

IMO if I was getting a 450 I would get the best handling one cause who needs more power?

So RMZ for me and CRF second cause it needs a new linkage and suspension definitely.

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