2003 KX250 rear shock shim stack and spring rate

Anyone had luck revalving an '03 KX250 rear shock for offroad (woods, singletrack, desert)? As we all know the suspension on these bikes beat you up pretty bad on anything less than 100' double jumps.

What shim stacks are working for you guys?

What about fork revalving? Midvalve and base valves?

Spring rates front and rear?

I weigh 170 out of the shower and am an int. rider, former single digit, desert racer.

Jump over to the kawasaki two stroke forum, theres a LOT of guys over there who play around with their valve stacks and should be able to help you out. I've got a 2 smoke too but anything beyond servicing shock/forks is over my head. I leave the valving to others.

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