2006 DRZ 400s rear shock set up needed.

2006 DRZ 400s stock shock and spring - rear shock set up adjustments needed?

Any great threads I should know about? Or is there someone that has an opinion?

I know there are 3 adjusters- 2 up and one near bottom- not sure thier names or what they do.

I weigh max 200lbs in gear. I ride hard offroad and hill climbs and sand- a dirt biker with a license plate - only a few minutes on road for every hour offroad.

I'm just saying... I couldn't resist:busted: Anyways, research and get a manual then repost. These guys can see right through you...:smirk: everthing you need is here. research:cheers:

I have close to zero experience adjusting suspension. I just got rid of the rear original 2001 2 adjustment shock/spring and replaced with a 500 mile 2006 stock shock/spring.

Over the last week I did have good success changing the front forkoil and adjusting the Racetech Gold valve to lighter in the 2001 front forks.

Now I want to do the rear. I need to set sag- and settings and was hoping to get some help finding the info.

Are you suggesting I read and search other people threads or is there somewhere else I should look.

Yes you can use the search feature in this forum or the drz forum... I found it easier in some cases to google what your looking for, you usually end up on TT most of the time... Do you know if you have the correct springs for your wieght?:ride:

The nut on the out side of the resivior is the high speed adjustment and the slot screw driver head in the middle of that is the low speed adjuster. the one on the buttom is the rebound... start with the factory settings. If you think you need to change something start with the rebound adjustment because it effects comp aswell... two clicks at a time record everything... test...

Awesome ride tonight after setting the race sag- I assume I have the right spring- it's stock and darn close to right. I added 4 turns down on the spring compression rings and that put me at 90mm race sag.

These links helped setting up proper race sag and getting the rear of the bike up where it should be- took a while to find- it's not real obvious on top of this Suspension section.



You'll find the link to alot of suspension questions hidden here.


Then I went out and rode it for an hour and then turned everything in clockwide on the rear shocks 3 adjustments- That was about 9 clicks in on the screw heads and 8 half turns on the top nut from where the previous owner had them.

The bike rode too soft and my legs were getting fatigued with all the action at the new settings.

Then I cranked everything out to full. I could ride the bike faster, it felt almost perfect except that some bumps would cause the back end to kick up- rode it like that for a while - not sure which adjustment to make to stop the rear from kicking up.

Then I cranked the preload on front 2001 shocks to full and the back end kicked up even more - so backed preload to 40 to 50% and now need to find the right setting for stopping back end from kicking up. I didn't like the ride as much with full preload- was rougher and seemed like it took more out of me and I rode slower- had the tendancy to want to sit down. Only setting I have not touched is the front fork screw head at bottom front of fork which is currently full in clockwise and I'm not sure what it's for :ride:

Anybody know if there is just one setting I would use to stop the rear kicking up - or is it a combo deal?

What is your static sag? If you have to much preload it will kick... also to try to tune out the kick start with the rebound clicker, its the one on the bottom of the shock. Then revisit the HS compression if needed. its the hex nut on the resivior

I never measured the static sag, but I will - thanks for asking and giving me the advice to get me to the next level. The bike is becoming the best ride "it" has ever been.

Glad to hear it's coming along. Ya the static sag is pretty important. It can confirm if you have the right spring for your wieght... That could be your "kicking" problem to light of spring=to much preload to get rider sag= harsh ride.

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