sand tire?

Alright so i have come up with a problem with my tires i find that the tires i have on (no i don't know what they are) have a hard time in the sand yes i know if i go faster it is easier or to just get paddle tires and this becomes my problem is that i ride in sand and trails at same time thus putting a paddle tire on will be hard once i get into the trails so i'm wondering if anyone knows a good tire for both sand and trail riding mud is involved with the trails if my A/T is going to be the best thing then ill have to suck it up ,

Thanks for the help

Ride on

My geomax mx51 goes pretty good in the sand. But sand is sand, it's hard to get going in it no matter what tire you have.

give a look at the " sand mad " from Kenda....see if you can find one to look at in person....the factory pictures just don't do it justice....

I'm a big fan of the Bridgestone M102 rear tire for sandy mx and trails on the weekends. It hooks up better than any regular knobby in the deep sand and lasts a long time on the trails and concrete starts. The matching M101 is too soft for trails though, so maybe go for a M203 on the front.

try a michelin sand 4, same idea as the pirelli tire mentioned above, i use it at mx sand tracks with no issues

i know this may be stupid and or dumb but would airing down my tires a little do anything for me with the tires i have now without losing the hookup i have wile on the trails? and if it would work or worth giving a try how much should i drop it?

For sure lowering the air pressure will help out.....we have LOTS of sand in Michigan....i run around 8-9psi with no prob

lems.....if you know your day will include rocky trails...air up.

well i normaly incounter woops on the trails not so much rocky lots of sand and dirt everywhere

i could just keep my portable air compressor in the truck to air up

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Low air pressure is awesome. I have ridden a kenda southwick rear at 6 psi and Mich m12 t 8 up front, awesome everywhere, even in rocks around Moab and the sand like every where else down here.

Michelin Starcross MS3...


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