Plug question

I pulled my plug out of my bike last night after it cooled down so I didn't wreck my head, anyways when I got it out I noticed that the tip was dry is that bad?

dry???you need to be a little more specific...its a 4t it should be dry

Like the tip of the plug was dry, I don't know much about 4 strokes I'm used to two stroke a little wetness on a two stroke is good. I just don't know if four stroke plugs being dry is bad? Like being lean.

i think your ok...i ve never checked my plug just changed it when i did oil change a couple months ago,bike was cold when i changed it and it was bone dry

Ok I was just checking. I mean you can't take the plug out hot because then you run the risk of screwing up your head because its aluminum and when the plug is unscrewing it will pull the threads out of the head. Just fyi

yeah im hip to that bro ty for the heads up though,but on a serious note your 4t plug should be dry other wise you ave some blow by at the rings or an incredibly rich running bike

Ok coolio I just wanted to be sure it wasn't running suppppper lean.

No, removing a plug on a hot engine will NOT pull the threads out. Only over torquing will do that. The sort of BS old wives tales are really quite the joke. Who ever told you that is clueless.

A plug will always be dry on a 4S unles it is fuel fouled. A plug should be dry on a 2S too if it is jetted right and ridden as it was designed to be ridden.

tank you fo dat william1, wasnt for sure about the plug thread thing but like i said ive never had to change one out hot least on any 4stroke i ve ever owned

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