single track riding in West Virgina......

Looks fun! Wish we had some of that stuff here in socal!

which trail was that?

Awesome and times on the WV trails......They say if you ask the guys that run GNCC....that the WV Snowshoe event is the tuffest on the schedule....:smirk:

Great videos, thanks for sharing.

Thats a great trail , that would be fun riding that. What happened to your red bike ? O that honda most be just your race bike. Good video ron.

not sure what trails those were..... Followed a friend who know them. My hondas rear shock seal blew out and all the oil leaked out as soon as I got there, so my bud let me ride his KTM 200 he brought as a back up bike. turns out that little 200 was a great match for those trails!

That 200 would be sweet for that kind of trail riding. The 450 can be hard to ride on some tight , slower trails. And with all the rock you guy were dealing with too. When`s your next race ?

Next race is this Sunday...

I bought a 09 KX450F that I tricked out over the last 2 weeks and will be racing it this weekend

That looks awesome. What do you use for tires?

that bike had a bridgestone M-59 front and 404 rear. I use the same tires, but mostly use a Dunlop 803 trials tire in the back

Cool video.

Looks like you sold the KDX hybrid already huh?

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