having alot of problems need help...

k i bought a supposedly 92 rm 250... after getting the bike and some research i believe its a 89 rm 250... 10th digit is a k and engine code is j110 and everything says 28C... i rebuilt the top end and fixed all the bottom end parts.. i ran all 92 stuff which i believe should be ok for the most part..i knew something was up when the 92 head gasket was o-rings and mine had a solid gasket...i knew the rmx250 from my manual ran a gasket so i just ran that..the bike works ok but is a absolute dog in the bottom end....after running all the Vin's and finding its a 89 I'm thinking i should get the 89 gasket...the one i got has a plate between it..and the 89 ones looks a lot thinner maybe killing my compression in my bottom end maybe.. i also noticed it has a Keihin Carb on it..i only see that carb on a rm50 starting in 96 i believe...everything fits but i believe the jetting may be off..it also has a bill's pipe and factory silencer..the gearing on it is 13/49... if anyone can help me out it would be great...i'll get the jet #'s from the carb...also after running it for a couple days i changed the gear case oil and its gray... is that normal?? and i was told to run it 20:1 for break-in...any help would be greatly appreciated...:smirk:


can you throw in a picture?

the 89 rm also uses 2 o-rings as a gasket...

and that clutch oil, is it dark grey or more like mayonaise grey?

dark grey is usely just from the clutch plates

light grey/white is water, probably from the waterpump, so if you're loosing some coolant change the waterpump seal


sorry, just noticed that only the european version of 89 uses 2 o-rings

the us version had the gasket

got some carb #'s... its running a 180 main and a 48 pilot. needle has numbers A715,289R,A327,A487... its says PWK on the side of the carb and has numbers 00bANJ

i flushed it a couple times to get it lookin good again...i'll run it and see if it goes gray again...how hard is it to change the water pump seal???is it just on the back side of the cover??

anyone running a 89 with a keihin pwk???

it acts wierd...some times you crack it and it goes right nutz and then the next its like it wont rev out like its not hitting the powerband.. not sure if maybe its loading up or power valves not always moving...

20:1...Sounds like it could be loading up on ya. After you get in the powerband can you keep it in the powerband?

yea..once it hit it you just wrap through the gears

i might change the ratio the next tank... i was just running amsoil hp injection oil..whats best 30-40:1?

32:1, 40:1 will work. But changing your oil ratio will affect your jetting so make sure to keep an eye on your spark plug. Since your gonna be putting less oil into your gas, your going to be richer so you will prob want to rejet your carb. And once again, KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR SPARK PLUG

that oil is recommended as injector oil or as 50:1 premix. not sure if that matters but i think i would switch oils and mix 32:1 . Do a search and read what others thing on oil selection.

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