"will it fit" on the lookout for 41mm FCR's

I have a clapped out old style (slant) 39mm FCR. I am in need of a new style 41mm

I have been searching around on ebay and am wondering if the 41mm fcr's from the KTM 450 sx will work. They seem to be the most common.

here is a link of a well priced one.


I searched around but couldnt find any answers.

if they dont fit, what should i be looking for?

Let me know! I need a new carb!


You gonna have it together by June 5th or 10th?

There's a track day planned for Apex on June 5th, and our Qualcomm drag race fun happening on June 10th. :smirk:

Yes, that will fit, you'll need the correct airboot to carb adapter.

i have the airboot adapter from the 39mm FCR.

is there a different adapter that I will need?

That is a good question for Eddie. My gut tells me it needs to be 2mm larger.

same adapter.

what motor set up do you have that you need a 41mm carb for?

Had u do a 450 build with your ported big valve head back in early November.

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