TM II vs D952

I currently run D952's on my 450 exc and like them but was looking to get a DOT knobby with similar performance. How is the TM II compared to the D952? Is there a better option? Also I have looked at the Pirelli MT 43 for the rear. Heard good things about them. What do you think?

The 952 and the TMII are nearly identical, the 952 might be a touch softer compound, but not much. I couldn't tell you the difference on or off the road having run both, so I use the TMII because it's both a DOT tire and about $20 cheaper.

TM will out wear the 952.

I run the rear TM unless in the rocks (then trials tire). Great soft terrain tire, good medium-hard terrain.

Not a fan of the TM on the front, Pirelli Scorpion (Pro for soft and XC for hard).

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