pipe gaurd? im looking for something extreme

hey everyone,

i am looking to get a pipe gaurd for my 08 ktm 200xc. iv had the carbon fiber guard straight from ktm for some time now, but when i do drop the bike it tends to bend the pipe out of the exhaust port. so instead of dents it just bends the whole pipe out of alignment, iv bent the pipe back so many times its weak and i can no longer get it to meet the mounts and exhaust port correctly :smirk:. so iv now bought a new pipe.

now the question, is there a guard out there that mounts to the frame? to stop the pipe from impact all together? or if there isnt a product out there has anyone constructed there own?

thanks in advance

It sounds like this is what you're looking for, but I can't come up with any manufacturers. It sounds like most are custom made.


YYeah that picture is exactly what I was thinking. Im gonna try to find that thanks so much

I guess if anyone knows who makes that please chyme in

Seen many pictures of that style guard, mostly on aussie bikes, but I have never seen one for sale. Sorry, can't help! I've thought about making one though :smirk:

if i had the welding skills i would also like to make one, but i cant weld or have any skills in crafting and bending metal so that wouldnt be too good.

you could try finding a local welder, or a welding/fabricating shop and tell them what you want and see if they could whip it up. bring your pipe in and see what they can do. better to find the actual product but hey just a suggestion

Check this web site out they make the pipe guard you may have seen on Aussie bikes. There is a picture of a pipe gaurd on the right side near the bottom of the page.

I like that guard. I wish there more pics so I could see if it mounts to the frame

Here are some more pics on a another thread here. They are the pics with the Husky beside the KTM. The pictures show the guard mounted off the frame.

I found this site a while ago trying to find a guard for my ride. Took a bit of finding.

very cool thanks for the info isa yamaha. my dad seems to think he knows a fabricator who would be willing to make this guard for me. i look forward to showing some pictures when its done. ill ask him to take pictures of the process so i can give somewhat of a demonstration on how to do it for the people who are handy with fabbing metal

if i had the welding skills i would also like to make one, but i cant weld or have any skills in crafting and bending metal so that wouldnt be too good.

it would be so easy to bend and weld that guard that you would kick yourself for paying to have someone else do it.

those are the kind of jobs that i enjoy because they are so easy that it's fun.

there was a link on the other thread to the site that makes the steel tubing style guard. it was 250$ but mounts to the frame in 4 locations. obviously isnt gonna stop roost from hitting the pipe but will save your pipe in a bad crash that would leave the bike unable to ride otherwise. i dont mind dings and dents as much as the acual fitment to the exhuast port.

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