Clutch Basket Primary gear removal. 01 yz250

Howdy havent posted up on here a long time due to not having a bike for a while. But besides that I am in the process of doing a full rebuild on a 01 Yz250 and have just recently purchased a new Hinson clutch basket for a replacement. So long story short I need to get the Primary driven gear (perfect condition) off of the stock basket which is held on by heavy duty rivets. Just wondering who has done this before and how, or is this something my local bike shop can do for me and spare me some time. I could not find a single thing in my manual about removing it along with this forum. Help would be much appreciated

on my quest to get back on two wheels aqain:cheers:

Drill the rivets out, the easiest way is a drill press. Your local machine shop is probably the best place to get this done.

+1 drill press is the easiest way, any machine shop should be able to drill the rivets out for you if you dont have one. I bought a cheap one used from the local machine shop which works perfect for these applications, but the machine shop will probably be a little cheaper than the dealer as well (if your dealer can even do this).

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