Anyone have 2011 with factory connections??

Hi i was wondering if anyone has a 2011 crf450 with factory connection suspention? If so and u ride sand what do u like your settings at??? thanks

I have a 2011 with Factory connection springs, but I ride mainly tracks, my settings vary and it really depends on many factors, mostly rider weight and experience level. I also have an 09 crf with factory conn. springs, I run the fork oil at 365cc to help with the plush suspension, but I am running my 2011 at 375cc and it seems much better, also helped to balance the bike out. I am currently waiting for the PC linkage. If you want I can give you a general setup that I run at new tracks.

Forks: (clicks are determined by turning the screw all the way in(clockwise) then adjusting out.)

compression- 12 clicks out

Rebound-10 out

oil height- 370-375cc (stock is 350cc I believe)


Low speed comp: 14 clicks out

High speed comp: 1 turn out

rebound: 12 clicks out

sag : between 102-105mm with 30-40mm free sag.

I had FC do my suspension on my 11 but I don't really ride sand that much. I have left the settings at what they sent it to me with as far as compression and rebound. Sag is set at 108. I have only had one track day with it so far, but it is worlds better than it was stock. The forks are not beating me up anymore and it is pretty plush but still soaks up the big hits as I found out by overjumping several jumps throughout the day.

I was looking into the same thing. Im 175lbs with no gear and ride nothing but MX tracks. They actually recommended that I get a 5.3 rear shock spring and they said the stock fork springs measure out to a .47 (even though every where else says they are a .46) he said they would leave those in, get the lighter shock spring, do a revalve and should be worlds better than what it is now. Also asked about the linkage and he said the 2011 linkage setup is good and he would not recommend changing it. When I get the money, FC is who I'm going with.

We have FC rework on our 11. They constantly develop new settings and pass it on to the customer. My son says its outstanding. We run less sag than most at 102-105. Its just the way he likes it.

we run oem springs front and rear.

He's 165lbs pro.

Your question is pretty vague but I'll try and shed some light for ya too. First, you have to have the susp. revalved and maybe resprung for your weight. After that its a matter of playing with the clickers until you find what is dead on for you. Im 205 lbs, vet B class. If your within 30 lbs of me either way, your gonna get stiffer springs.

I run mine stiffer for sand seeing how if i am riding sand it is in prep. for a Southwick race. No matter what track im at I make sure the bike is evenly balanced whether it be stiff or plush.

I have had great results with FC. If u take the time and have a conversation with just about anybody there, they listen and in my past experiences with them, especially the past three revalves and rebuilds, they were listening because they nailed it every time. FC does the research on the Hondas, U cant go wrong.

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