Carb help needed...

Why is the stock carb on the DR650 such a piece of crap? Perhaps I should say, why is it SETUP to run like such a piece of crap!

I've barely had this thing for a month (Dealer had it for two weeks trying to fix it) and although it has the potential to be a LOT of fun, as it is now it's "almost" unrideable.

VERY twitchy, mid-range has so many flat spots that it's ridiculous, I can settle it down somewhat if I ride with the choke partially on, but that can't be right!

I don't want to have to take it back to the Dealer cause they're 50 miles away and I lose it for a week at a time!

I've read a bunch of threads here and at it REALLY possible to turn the stock carb into a working model?

I've never even had the carb on my TW off in the five years that I've owned it because carbs kinda scare me. I can open up the engine casings or adjust valves without a problem, but something about the carb just gives me the willies...

Should I just bite the bullet and buy the TM-40 or can the OEM carb be salvaged?

Also, I had a look under the seat and found the "snorkel", but I can't understand how removing it would make any difference as it is just a piece of bent rubber...there is no restriction!?

Please be kind...

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Pull out the snorkel, carefully drill out the brass plug blocking access to the idle mixture screw. Lightly seat the mixture screw then back it out to between 1 to 1-1/2 turns out....then save up for a TM40.


The Dealer already removed the plug so that I can access the mixture screw.

In order to have her idle smoothly, it needs to be turned out almost 3 full turns. I opened her up slowly until the idle started to drop, then back in until it dropped and set it between the two.

Since partially closing the choke improves the ride somewhat, I have to believe that she is running LEAN. Turning the mixture screw in to 1 1/2 turns would make it even leaner, no?

And having seen the snorkel, I can't imagine how removing it will make any improvement.

But yeah...I'm selling my CT90 to buy a TM-40...however, in the meantime I'd like to adjust this so that it is rideable.

It's spooky to come out of a turn and ask for power, only to find one flat spot...then another...

Remove the snorkel and put a .030"-.040" shim under the needle clip. That will at least make the bike rideable.

So tonight, I thought...DUH! If it's too lean, I'll just set the idle screw a bit on the "rich" side and that should cure it...and it did for the most part.

We took a nice 30 mile drive; a combination of city, highway and logging roads...and things were going OK until we got about a mile from home when she just coughed and died...three times!

Once I got her going again, she ran OK...I need to make some changes!

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