2011 Funky Chicken sign up is open!


Go to http://www.etra.net/funkychicken.html

The 12th running of the Funky Chicken will once again be an AMA West National Hare Scramble and, of course, Round 5 of the OMRA Cross Country series.

The course is another bruiser with the usual assortment of new and old and up and down and in and out and fun and misery and dust and mud and ferns and blackberries and trees and roots and grass tracks. But there aren't any rocks!

Check out the videos, shirts, sponsors and entry forms. Any questions can come to me through PM or the email on the entry form.

Hope to see you there!

I think all the NMA guys are scared to go head to head with the Cali invasion crew:devil:


Do we have to have #s on the bike?

They issue race numbers at sign up for those that have not pre-registered. You do not need numbers on your bike before the race.

I plan my entire deployment schedule for the year around this race. Not only is it in my hometown, but it is the best hare scramble I've ever ridden. Competition is pretty stiff with the national guys coming up from california. Absolutely a top-notch event, weather looks good, wouldn't miss it for anything!

Bring it on racers, this will be an epic year for the FC. Weather is great and the course is Killer. See you there.


Planning on making this assuming I get my bike together in time. My boy (5) is all amped up about riding in the 50cc class... Does anybody have any info on the kids race? Is there a seperate track that we can spectate the whole race, or is it a shorter woods race?


Hi Blake, the 50cc course is basically the 1-mile grass track at the top of the hill. It will be a 30-45 minute race. The grass will be slippery and there will be elevation changes. All good for kids with gusto.


Thanks for your info Endo!!! My boy is PUMPED...

My hats off to the ETRA guys... They put on an amazing course this year. It is sweet you can work with the Big K, to secure this venue.

The course was gnarly, and my boy and I had a blast... He didn't want to leave when our races were over!

Did anyone see that idiot in the Open C class that tried to jump part of the log pile and ended up wrecking in front of everyone??? What was he thinking??? :ride:

Hey Blake, did you see Jake and Shane out there on the bumble bees? (125's) He got some good vid of the track.

Shane was there but is too fresh off Lasix to spend much time in the dust. The other 125 was in the row behind me off the start on an 08 or older 125. He seemed to have his game face on so I didn't chat with him.

Blake rode on Saturday so our paths didn't cross.

Don Matheney grabbed my camera and took some pictures, and I have a quick helmet cam video up. I will try to get 1 whole lap uploaded tomorrow.


Blake rode on Saturday so our paths didn't cross.


I heard they were gonna change the course a bit for Sunday, I'm gonna have to check out that first lap to see if it was different.

Jake, that is world class video. Please put on youtube. We spent 5 months cutting that course, all to be undone in 30 minutes! Cheers!

A few shots of the day...

Funky Chicken YO!


Caden's game face


See how nice the grass was before the big boys tore it up?


Caden's finish



Im in the front line, just to the left of the gap in the middle.


A video of the start


Could it be any nicer today?


My bike after I got back. Chain guard all haggered, and found the deepest mud bog out there!


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