2007 YZ250F pipe fit on a 2009 WR250F ?

Found a new take off available locally, but my bike is in getting the suspension set up so I can't check it out first hand.

Anyone used a 2007 YZ250F pipe on a 2009 WR250F ?


It should fit if you use everything, otherwise the header pipe is smaller on the wr than the yz you would need a spacer with a wr header and a yz muffler.

Hi Rockyracer,

Can you define spacer?

I purchased a Jardine slip for my 2007 WR and i have a similar issue. WR header pipe is smaller then the Slip on pipe.



I think the spacer he is talking about is like a bushing that slips on the header pipe to adapt the mid pipe onto the header because of the size difference between the two. If you lived closer I'd give you one. You can either get an aftermarket header, a YZ header or the spacer

Thanks for the info.

Anyone know where I can find a cheap Yz header? check out ebay didn't see much.

You have to look and be quick on the draw :ride:

It took me three weeks of looking under every rock to find the YZF take off and header I run.

I got the pipe that was removed from a new YZ250F and the head pipe for $100 and a 12 pack.

The ones I saw on ebay were all over the map on price, some as much as $140 for just the head pipe alone. It's titanium (as if that actually matters) so some people price them same as a power bomb or similar.

You can use the gasket from your stock WR pipe to make the slip on fit, but be extra careful when removing it, those things shred easily.

Any Yamaha dealer can order one for you if you happen to shred the stock one, or want a spare

Thanks for the info. i just took some measurements.

so sounds like a $20 WR gasket (3VD-14755-00-00) shaved down to fit inside my new midpipe should seal to my stock wr header pipe?

Don't shave it.

Insert it in the bigger piece, then 'turn' the smaller piece into the gasket/sleeve for a tight fit.

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