Is there any justification to change to...

a Mosfet type R/R? The OEM seems like ancient technology. There are a number of 3 phase Mosfet R/R's that would work.

what would be gained?

mosfets still need to dissipate heat.the quick switching action is not needed either.

Yes, of course you are right but it just seems like a relevant thing to do while up dating the bike and making changes. Besides some of the Mosfets are almost $50 cheaper than OEM. The idea just kinda occurred to me as I am trouble shooting a charging problem on my 2000 model.

Maybe the question should be....

If you need to change you RR and want to buy new, is there any reason not to buy an after market MOSFET device rather than the more expensive OEM one?

I'd say go for it, but a used OEM one should be cheaper still... that is if your can guarantee that the used one is working correctly first I suppose..

How does the mosfet R/R compare in terms of reliabilility? Dirt bikes take a real pounding, not to mention the mud/water/etc that it'll encounter. How would a mosfet R/R fare in a mud-caked-heat-sink no-air-flow situation? Are they sacrificing to stay with old tech because it's tougher?

Honest questions. I have no idea.

I'm thinking they (factory) stays with old tech because there are no further development costs involved. They both do the same job however I would think the old style would do it less efficiently.

I am just considering it because I am in the middle of a major electrical problem. I literally have spent 4 days now looking for loose wires, broken wires and melted wires. I have seen every inch of the harness. All of this because of the PO's crappy wiring while installing a UFO tail light. His wiring caused a harness meltdown and small fire.

I have had three stators and two R/R's in this bike. Once I have the electrical issue sorted I want to make sure that I have the most reliable R/R that I can once and for all.

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