99 rm 250 coolant issue coolant in crank please help

hi guys im new i have a 99 rm 250 that runs amazing never let me down but it was leaking coolant outa the head just the back not into the piston i draind the antefreez outa the rads but newbi mistake i didnt know how to drain the head so i pulled it off and coolant went down my rod in my crank part i tipped the bike over and let all that would come out run out and i put my new piston and gaskets in and it runs great i was just wondering am i introuble is my bike gonna lock up this was my first ever top end and a newb mistake but do i have enything to worry about eny ideas to make sure it wont lock the bearings up like i said this is my first time in the engine all iv done befor that was put a clutch assembly in it eny advice please commet soon or ill be forced to trade for a 96 cr 500 becouse im worried thanks:bonk:


i made that same newbie mistake 2 years ago with my 91 rm250. I also just turned over my bike to get rid of the water, and threw some 2stroke oil in the crank before mounting my piston and cilinder.

It smoked alot when i started it :smirk:, but that's because of the oil.

For the rest, it has been 2 years now, and still same crank, bearings, rod. Everything is still perfect, and i ride almost every week, and mostly very heavy sand.

So i wouldnt be worried!

thank you so mutch i love my bike and didnt want to get rid of it

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