03 450R hot start procedure?

Hey guys - relative newbie here. I have a very well cared for 03 CRF450R that starts cold with no choke in 2-4 kicks and, when hot, it starts first kick all day long. BUT...after I fall off of it, I can't get it started back up with the kick starter [Yes, it's in neutral]. The book says after a fall, pull hot start then kick with no throttle. I've tried that and without the hot start pulled in, kicking it fast, kicking it slow, everything or any of my riding buddies recommended [3 guys who have been riding for decades]. After I fall off and pick it back up, it will bump start on the first hit at a slow run, and if I sit around waiting for it to cool for 10-15 minutes after a fall, it will start right up. Any thoughts? Thanks!

silly question, but I assume you checked that your hot start is functioning correctly at the carb?

No, that's not silly at all. It's an obvious thing I have to check. Thanks!

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