questions about crf250x 11

well think of getting one of these bike and i have heard good things about them but the only thing stopping me is the nasty roomers of the valves and various other stuff and i need to know about any issues and weather any year models better than the others and are 2011 models good or worse have had hondas for life and currently i have a 09 crf 230 great bike hadn't been running good lately till i flipped it the other day seems to have knocked some sense into it.

well hope you guys can tell me what the go is with it i really wanna know the truth:ride:

ahhh well i dont think ill get one then cause when i get it i wont particually have the money for massive **** ups so i might go for a diffrent bike dunno ill see what comes up

ok soooo the valve issue,heres my take on 05 has well over 2000 miles on the original valve train,still in spec,i think if you change your engine oil evry 15 hrs give or take a little your tranny oil every 60 hrs or so,clean your air filter after every ride and stay off the rev limiter you will get good results from your valves...i had a long lay off from 2 wheels well i had a TW200 but that dosent really count,i bought a 230f and though it was fun it wasnt enough bike for me,i bought the 250x and out of all the bikes i ve ever owned this bike is by far the funnest best bike i ve ever owned...sorry for the long post but i hope this helps you out

All 4 strokes need valve attention. People are just not used to hearing about it because everone had 2 smokes for so long. In a nutshell, more 4 strokes on the trail, more stories in the blog. Honda is no worse than the rest.

I just had mine adjusted last month for the first time in 6 years since a friend of mine bought the bike. He bought it then I bought it from him, anyways he never had them looked at since he bought it off the show room floor in 06 so I took it my local shop one was 3000 of and inch tight and the other was 4000 of an inch tight. So I mean there not that bad like if said before if you keep it off the rev limiter and keep up on maintance your fine. I have mine street legal at about 45 mph which is about what I run on a 55 mph road I'm like 6500rpm. Red lines is pushing 12000 I think. I'm thinking of going up a couple teeth in the back to give me more top speed and bring down those rpms. I toped mine out a couple days ago 70mph was like 11500rpms. (I never do that I just wanted to see what it could do)

i think the other reason is that the 4ts that used to be on the train were indestuctable...the XR series

Honda does make a 2011 CRF250x. It comes stock with black rims.

Stop worrying about valves. Too much internet BS going on. Just keep the air filter clean and change the oil regularly.

You will have many years of fun.

i just googled the 2011 250x i didnt see it with black rims

That is because there is NO such thing.

I'm thinking of going up a couple teeth in the back to give me more top speed and bring down those rpms

Do you mean the "back" sprocket?

If so you'd be going the wrong way for 'longer' gearing:ride:

Use this to visualise what you need

Ian :smirk:

yeah talking to the bike shop and they do make it dunno weather its just in aus or not but yeah dunno still a while before i get it but would i be better off going second hand or brand new cause im also looking at a te 250 but heir basicaly the same price but the only problem is that you only get 3 months parts warrenty for the honda and a year for the husky

I just checked honda page and they are still making the 250x. At least in my area.

Here is a link to teh mystery 2011 Honda that does not exist....

I have seen them with my own eyes, they exist.

I have also owned and raced 6 of the CRF250's since they were introduced, never had any valve issues with any of them.

A buddy of mine is a VERY fast pro rider. He owns the Dirt rider test bike (number 251 on it, was in the 2010 shoot out for dirt rider). Last month at a race in Kamloops it was a dust bowl, he raced wide open for 3 hours with no air filter at all. (his pit crew screwed up royally and did not reinstall it!!) the bike ran fine. They brought it home discovered the problem, the air boot was full of dust. His Dad pulled apart the top end checked everything. Piston was in spec, rings slightly out of spec, valves are fine.

Last weekend he placed 3rd overall at the rock hound race, this weekend he has a double header in Vernon. The kid rides 4 times per week. That engine has a lot of time on it. No problem at all with the valves, even after massive abuse. I rode the bike yesterday, it is 100% fine.

I have been racing for 35 years, seen it all. The Honda valve train is as good or better than anything on the market today. If you only get 20 hours out of your valves, you are doing something very, very wrong....

wow scathing post Mr.andrew driscoll,i have over 200 hrs on my 05 250x with the original factory valve train...stilll in spec and going strong,i live in southern AZ and often ride with a group of side by sides,not often in the front of the pack it is very dusty in the desert and riding with utvs is like riding in a dust storm,i clean my air filter every ride, i don t often bang my bike off the rev limiter, not sure if you do either of these things...sorry about your valve luck,

wow bitter guy huh?i ve talked to quite a few people on this forum that have gotten a good life span from their stock valve train,do you think that maybe most of the people that post are the ones with issues???out of the thousands of crfs that have been bought that its possible im not the only guy with a good bike???go drink a beer or something buddy lifes to short to get this angry at an internet forum

Thanks for that, you're right, I should have relaxed and just touted some information about my buddies bike or my old 05 in the true tradition of thumpertalk instead of trying to weigh up empirical evidence or rationally analysis the situation in the hope of providing some real information. :smirk:

ohhh the drama...werent you talking about your"old 250s"as well...i tried to check but you removed all the "empirical evidence" so i couldnt" rationally analyise" the situation

I just did my first valve check today and it's actually really easy, I'd never done anything like it before and I had no problems. Honestly it is easier to check your valves than to put on a new chain.

I just did my first valve check today and it's actually really easy, I'd never done anything like it before and I had no problems. Honestly it is easier to check your valves than to put on a new chain.

There is a 2011 250X...and it has black rims. I didn't previously know this but I just checked the honda site to see since ya'll were fightin about it.

i want black rims and a white fender on my 05...nice lookin bike!!!!

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