yz 250f

My son races a yz 250f that runs great but if lays it down in a corner it takes a minute or two to restart and by then he is out of the race. Everyone has said the valves are out of spec so we had them checked. They are good and we put in a new spark plug. Still having problems. Any suggestions on what I need to do.

Does he use the hotstart?

Pilot is too lean or use the hot start

what year is it? use hot start? what fuel. the same thing used to happen to me on my 2001 model on 91 octane fuel, i changed to 98 octane and it stopped. i dont use hot start on that bike as it actully starts easier with out it

He has tried with hot start, without hot start, cracking the throttle, full throttle. I think he had the best luck with hot start and cracked throttle but still took quite a while. We use premium gas 93 oct. it is an 07. I will look into the pilot being to lean.Thank you for your suggestions I hope we get this figured out I can't afford a new bike.

Is the float set right? Don't use throttle at all when hot starting and see what happens

When you say lay it down do you mean like dropped it and bike stalled?

If so my 06 sometimes does this if iv dropped it and i found the quickest way to get restarted was to leave it on its side turn fuel tap off to clear float bowl and it usually kicks 1st/2nd attempt and turn fuel back on once you get moving again:thumbsup:

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