Can a DRZ 400 sm motor fit in DRZ 400 e frame

I have recently had my 2010 DRZ 400 sm written off in australia, I am unable to re register the written off motorbike due to new laws in Australia brought in this year.

I have a yoshi big bore kit and i want to put my engine and other gear in a bike that can be registered, So I want to know if it is possible to buy a DRZ 400 e bike and just swap over the all the good bits from old bike. ( or are the mounts different)

If anyone has any advice on this subject it would be great also any other suggestions as how I can put my engine into a frame with a vin number that is able to be registered.

Also if anyone knows the years of the bikes I could buy that would be compatible for me to swap all the gear from my 2010 DRZ 400 sm.

in need of reliable info LBS


You would probably be better off posting this in the DRZ section.

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