Hi all,

Would anybody have a copy of the installation manual that HOTCAMS used to supply with their camshafts. Am preparing to install one into my machione and would like to have as much info as possible?

Has anyone else installed one of these and got any feedback before I jump into the install



There is no manual that came with them only generic instruction sheet. The Honda manual is a better guide. If you can take the old cam out you should be able to install the new one.

i recently fitted one to mine it was new and needed runnining in. if is second hand out of another motor it is likely to be run in already (ie shiny lobes), other wise i used a moly based lube to run it in. which after a lot of advice from here (thanks) and other well educated/experienced mechanics, which consisted of holding th throttle at about two thousand rpm for about ten minutes from memory, if you have just done a rebuild make sure the oil pump is well and truly primed and getting oil up top, check flow in the frame filler and keep a valve cap finger tight to visually see oil flow can be messy though, also have a fan blowing a bit of air over motor if you are doing this in the shed or driveway, hope this helps.

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