Is there a fix for the neutral safety switch?

I am posting this for my Uncle who just bought a new KLR650, I own the DRZ.



Long story short, is there something that can be done to make it where the KLR will start in any gear with the clutch pulled in? If the bike stalls in the mud or wherever he has to get to neutral to be able to restart the bike. I have searched and read but have not really found any specific answers. Is it something that clipping a wire will fix or is it in the actual transmission? Looking for any insight here, please and thanks.


Great thanks, looks like I am a member of a new forum now...My Uncle is not exactly tech savvy. No computer, no internet, no worries. Ignorance is bliss i guess.

it's the clutch switch... easy to re-set if you want to retain the feature. if it's a new bike the dealer should fix it for free. my KLR has 30,000 miles & it still works... adjusted it once the first year I had it.

FYI, my DRZ used to do it too, but would not stay set (too may hits by the PO I think) I finally did the bypass on it

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