bike after fire. should I buy?

A friend of mine has a bike that as been in a fire for some reason and he is saying the I need to change the plastics, sit, sub frame and electric harness.

My question is, is it worth it? the engine/frame could be damaged from the fire? what sould I check at the bike?


You should check EVERYTHING. If the fire was very hot, every rubber or plastic part could be ruined. This mean needing a new carb, a complete engine tear down.

Only buy it for the metal's value.

All of the seals are probably ruined and the grease inside the bearings is probably gone. Did the bike catch fire and burn or was it in a garage and the garage burn?

Aluminum melts at about 500 degrees, steel at much higher temps, but both loose their strength if heated. A wise hot rodder once told me "Walk if it's been on fire!" There are plenty of these bikes out there, and you don't need a pile of scrap metal to fold on you in a jump.

I'd pass. As others have stated, you would need to completely rebuild the bike from the ground up which could easily cost more than a lightly used bike. It's reliability would almost always be in question, something you don't want while riding through Golan Heights!

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