Dyracuse ???'s


I am thinking about taking a trip up to ride Dyracuse. Can anyone give me an instight as to what this place is like? I do ride both MX and woods, so any feedback on both would be great....

Lots of sand, lots of sand, lots of sand! They have a nice motocross track (mostly sand) and a supercross track that is all hard pack. Most people that go there are usually on one of those two tracks. I like the trails (again lots of deep sand), they are not crowded. I think there are three loops for a total of 10 miles of trails.

Nice place, gets quite busy on the weekends during the summer. Picnic/play area for kids.

It it cheap enough that if you do not like it, you are not out much.


I ride there quite often. Its pretty decent. Decent trails but i mainly stick to the MX track and it is nothing but sand. Im not the greatest rider and tend to have a tough time in the sand. I like their SX style track but it is hard as a rock and almost like riding on concrete.

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