jetting for a wr250f

I guys, i'm totally knew to this forum i discovered it yesterday and it's really nice! i own a wr250f 2007 but it's been only a bit more than a month. The AIS was removed, i want to increase the air flow in the airbox and do some modification to the exhaust that i saw in another post. I do really know a lot about jetting but i know these modification will be useless if i dont jet it.

the bike is completly stock (exept the AIS removed)

p.s it also bog when i completly open the throtle

what jet setting should i have?

thanks for your help


Firt off, use teh search function, many, many threads on your exact question. Put 'Uncork wr250F" as a search term.

Also, you should read this:

Even though it is for earlier year bikes, everything applies and only some part locations (like the CDI) changed, the general premise remains.

Read your owners manual, alot, really get to know the bike.

JD jet kits are a great tool for thse that are not jetting experts.

Once you have the base jetting fixed up and all other mods done, you can adjust out the bog. See a sticky in the WR450 forum on how to do it.

Welcome to the site man!! Be sure and do all of the free mods; throttle stop, air box, grey wire, YZ cam timing, exhaust baffle then jet it. As far as the exhaust goes, just replace it with a YZ exhaust. There isn't anything you can do to your stock one to make it flow as well as you need it to and keep it quiet. I removed my baffle and drilled holes in the front baffle but it was still not enough and too loud

thanks it will surely be helpful!!

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