vm36 on xt500

i bought a 79 xt500, because it is the coolest bike ever made. i immediately replaced the stock carb (vm22ss) with a vm36, and the (allegedly) correct jets from sudco. it ran great for 30-45 minutes, but now i can hardly start it, and when i do it will barely run. anyone else have problems with this carb? my best guess is an air leak somewhere, but i cant find anything, Im looking for stories/experiences from other xt owners who have had and fixed carb problems

I guess it ran ok with the stock carb? do you have a fuel line filter? tank clean? take carb off and clean (make sure pilot jet is clean) and ck float hight--also ck valve clearance--good luck

I am running a 230 main, #35 pilot, 6DH3 needle, and P-8 needle jet in a VM-36 on my '78 XT. It runs like a champ and starts easily.

I agree with Bergman, check that nothing got clogged and check the float height. One quick test would be to lean the bike way over until the carb "pisses" a little and then try to start it. If it starts easier, I'd check the float level. Also, make sure you are operating the choke properly, down is choked (I think).

Thanks fellas. Yes it ran fine with old carb, tank is clean, in line fuel filter (and flow is fast and steady) I'm going to give it another THOROUGH check for any air leaks and check the jets and cleanliness of everything. I want to check the float height, but I'm not 100% sure how, can someone give me a lesson? If not I bet I can google it. Can I check valve clearances without taking the head off?

My jets are pretty close to yours RacerXr, 230 main, #32.5 pilot, 6dh3 needle, P-8 needle jet, no air jet

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