FCR slant jet locations?


I am looking for jet locations on this carb. Not much info for the slant on here.

I did see the exploded views online and were not much help. Basically, By looking into the carb with the throttle wheel to the right, What is the jet to the right of the main? I also have the flex jet remote fuel screw. Where does that go?

Found this on the web


and to add to that... The main jet screws into the needle jet emulsion tube, you can see just the end in the picture. In the float bowel, is the leak jet. In the carb bell, when looking at it, on the left is the slow air jet, the right, the main air jet

My carb looks a little different. thank you very much though.

May look slightly different but the jets are the same

So whats another name for the starter jet? I ordered these parts from Sudco

For FCR slant

160 main

200 MAJ

100 PAJ (was a 60)

45 pilot (already installed from factory)

Maybe I am missing a jet?

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(already installed from factory)

I dont believe the 100PAJ is already installed on the slant from the factory - at least mine wasnt and I had to order/install a 100 PAJ from Eddie when removing my CE. IIRC the PAJ is #60 from factory.

Your right, it was a 60. Dammit. I need a lunch break. thanks.

What size starter jet do you have? A 68 through 72 are generally fine. The starter/choke/enricher is not too pickly.

Looks like a 65. It's lightly stamped. Initially I thought all the jets were being changed. apparently this one, (the starter jet ) is not changed. thanks guys. I'm sure I will be back once I start to install it.

Once set up and back on the engine you can access the main jet from below through the float chamber drain. That's the only jet available through the drain hole, but I use it twice a year to change jetting from 600 feet to 7500+ feet. It's tough and tedious to get to but a 6mm box end will do the trick. I also have ground down a socket from a cheap little socket set of sorts from HarborFreight. It works for part of the removal. Generally use both these to extract and insert the MJ. It's so danged tight down there!

I will be riding at sea level only. Although if I do need a jet change then hell yeah. Thanks.

You may want to try a EMN needle. Its often reccomended and when I tried it out I was impressed!

I did order that along with the jets and the flexible fuel screw.

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