FrontBrake Cable Routing Question

Surfn'Turf Racing has a CR style routing bracket that can be mounted on the stock guards. It's an adequate bracket but isn't what I would describe as top quality. I'm using one on my Carbon Fiber Works fork guards because the one they supplied pulled a chunk of the guard with it when the area it was clamped to detached. The quality of the Carbon Fiber Works units are sub-par, in my opinion. They won't get any more of my business.

Try piper peformance (623)587-7708. They have really nice anodized ones for $18.95.


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I want to run CR Brake cable routing on my 426. I have the Fastline YZ/CR routing cable.

Any ideas on the Bracket for the lower fork guards? I have had DSP on order forever, with no eta. I know i can use my existing metal cable bracket, but want something that looks/functions better. Does anyone have other options or ideas for this? Or does anyone have phone# for DSP, they have changed their website for no communication. I would like to use my stock lower fork guards if possible/

YZCourt, appreciate the info. Does this cover the existing 2 square holes on top of the lower fork guards?

i found that running the cable between the clips then drilling a small hole in each plastic clip and routing a single strand of safty wire looks fine

Best thing to do, is to use two pieces that make up the clamp at the bottom of the fork leg. Move them up to the bottom plastic loop. It is just a bit too wide to drill two holes in the tab, so I suggest drilling one, and letting it hang down just a little bit. Cut the curved piece off, so just a 1/2 in of plastic is available, and run two small 6mm bolts through it. (only one going through the plastic) Looks just like the setup on the CR's, and works just as good. I run that on both of my bikes, 426 and 250F. I'll try and post a picture tomorrow.


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Racer629 thanks for the assist

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