Harley dirt bikes

I just saw in MXA a harley dirt bike that was worth about $40,000. Got on craigslist this morning and found these


They're a different bike but was wondering what they might be worth

those are made by Amarchi (same as the mx i think) not worth much. the mx is $$$ because not many were made-- goggle amarchi


I have a 1956 Harley flattrack racer. My daughter races it every year at the Antique Motorcycle Club of America National at Davenport Iowa. 165cc two stroke. I’d put it’s value at around $7000. I know a guy that has an early 1950’s 750cc Harley flat tracker and he told me it’s valued at about $30,000. My brother-in-law has a 1966 Harley CR250 Sprint flattracker. It’s valued at around $10,000.

I can remember when the Harley MX100 first came out. The local Harley dealer had one on the showroom floor. They were about five years ahead for their time. Had very good suspension, for the day.

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