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92 WR250 - Suspension refresh

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I'm going to attempt to revive the suspension on my 92 WR250.

I know the forks need bushings, turns out All Balls has a kit with all the wear items so that's easy to source. Will do seals and .42 springs as per RT's recommendation for my weight/skill at the same time.

In back, I want to refresh the shock as well. Almost no one lists anything directly for my antique. I can find oil seals and bushings, and if I assume the 92 KX250's 44mm KYB shock is the same I also see complete shock head assemblies from KYB and Moose. The Moose is cheap enough that I think it'd be easier to go with it instead of mucking with seals/o-rings/bushings on my existing shock, but I'm not 100% certain that it will A) fit my shock and :smirk: contains all the wear items like I think it does?

Anyone mucked with them, are they viable or should I chase separate seals/bushings/etc?

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