'04 450 EXC idle

Hi Guys,

Rode the 450 ('04 EXC) around for a bit yesterday and noticed the idle was going up and down on it. It would surge up for about 3-4 seconds then come down and go back up again, never really held steady. Am I correct in assuming this is usually a lean condition on the pilot or a possible air leak on the intake somewhere? The temp hasn't really stabalized here in Michigan yet (40 deg. 1 day, 80 the next) and I havn't been riding it so I've done nothing with the jetting. It does have a JD kit on it from the P.O. though. Other than this, it starts up really easy and pulls like a freight train with good throttle response so I dont think my pilot is clogged. Anything else I should check out besides what I mentioned? I got it all cleaned up now and I'm ready to strip it down and check the valve adjustment anyway. Thanks in advance for any input. :smirk:

Lean or clogged pilot jet. a JD kit will make that bike rip. If it has stock jetting it's lean.

JD kit is in from PO, can't recall what pilot was missing from the pack (at work now,shhhh :smirk:). Thanks, just wanted to make sure I wasnt overlooking some common issue with them I havn't heard about yet.

Sometimes JD uses the stock size pilot but that is a starting point only. Sometimes I would bump the pilot one size. When I had my KTM dealership every bike left my shop with a JD Jet Kit.

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