KX100 Gearing for Trail Riding

Hey guys I'm setting up a KX100 for trail riding. The gearing seems very high to me I think its a 10 and 54. What do you guys prefer on these bikes for trail riding?

If you are positive that your rear is a 54, try a 13 or 14 on the front. I'm running 14/48 on my plated 100 (for a mix of tight and open trails). With this gearing, it'll cruise at 35-45 mph on fire roads etc while still having the guts to get up steep rocky berms. 13/54 will still be very tourqey, so the 14 may balance is out a bit.

Our 2009 KX100 came with 13/51 teeth stock. I tried a 12 tooth in the front and 53 tooth in the rear and felt it was geared too low and dropped the top speed a bit too much. I went back to the to the 13 tooth front (stock) and 53 tooth rear. That seems to be right for our trail riding. Not sure about Idaho trails, but my guess is they would be pretty similar to what we see here in Colorado.

I doubt if your front is a 10...perhaps a 12, but I don't think they even make a 10 for the KX100. Not sure if I have seen a 54....but the 53 tooth rear sprocket seems pretty tight and very close to the chain guide.

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