KTM 65 Rebuild (First time for me) (Advise?)

Okay guys I'm a little nervous putting this KTM65 back together. Not only am I new to 2 strokes I'm new to rebuilding the bottom end. The bike is appart I'm putting a Hot Rod Crank in it, wisco piston, new crank Bearings and of course new gaskets. I keep reading about cranks failing after an hour and things being done wrong, etc. So help me make sure this baby lasts a while. I wanna know those things that guys always remember after you ruined a crank.

Please tell me the do's and don'ts.



2stroke is a lot easy than fourstroke just make sure you put back everything in the right place make a note take a pic so you won't forget Wer the parts go! and bcarefull not to drop any parts on the motor! it will ruined your day! have fun

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