03 450r dies when hot

looking for some advice on my 03 450r, when the temp gets above 75 or so my bike starts trying to dye at idle or when just getting off the throttle. if i adjust the fuel screw a quarter turn either direction it boggs bad. running a 45 pillot, 165 main and 2 turns out on the fuel screw. about 1300ft. have cleaned the carb several times. any ideas?

sounds like its overheating check your waterpump and put new coolant! try that! hope that fix it Goodluck

Your pilot jet sounds way too rich.

A 45 would be fine if it was 35 degrees out. But at anything over 50F a 42 pilot is all you need especially at 1300 feet elevation with the humidity youre dealing with. You'd probably be much better off with a 40 really.

Make sure the hot start is sealing and also make sure the choke is sealing up too. Both those are just bypass circuits to different parts of the carb. The choke opens a jet that hangs in the bowl. The hot start opens a port that vents around the slide without passing over any fueling jets. If either one of them is leaking youre going to have a problem thats tough to figure out.

One other thing.

You stated you cleaned the carb a couple times. Did you get the vacuum release plate back on the slide correctly? If you put it in there upside down you could chase your tail for hours and hours. Don't ask me how I know this. :smirk:

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